Privacy Policy

Last updated: Dec 10th, 2021

The companies referenced in this document consist of Evenium Incorporated, a C-Corp registered in the State of Delaware, USA, and its parent company Evenium SA (Société Anonyme having its siège social at 43 rue de Naples, 75008 Paris, registered on the Paris Trade and Companies Register (RCS) under the number 429 575 699, meeting technology specialist, hereafter “EVENIUM”). EVENIUM has developed and released:

1. an online ticketing service (hereafter the ''TICKETING SERVICE'') available at, which allows the registered user (hereafter the ''USER'') to become the organizer (in which case the USER is referred to as the ORGANIZER) of events (hereafter the EVENT), to manage and promote them, to sell and distribute tickets (hereafter the TICKET) and/or to participate in EVENTS (in which case the USER is referred to as the PARTICIPANT);

2. a social networking service (hereafter CONNEXME) available at and/or via the downloadable mobile application from the Apple Store or from an Android store (Google Play etc.), or via Microsoft Teams Store, which allows USERS to interact with the content of said EVENTS and to communicate with other USERS.

The TICKETING SERVICE and CONNEXME will hereafter be referred to as EVENIUM SERVICES.  

This privacy policy will explain how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you when you use the EVENIUM SERVICES.


CONTENT: refers to all information and documents published by the USER via EVENIUM SERVICES, notably including: text, presentations, images, maps, comments, notes, slide annotations, photographs, audio or video content, PERSONAL DATA, etc.

CONNEXME: refers to a service developed by EVENIUM, notably allowing USERS to participate in EVENTS with elements broadcast on screens, to interact with the content of said EVENTS, to communicate with other PARTICIPANTS or the ORGANIZER of the EVENT and, once the event has finished, to access a list of all the events in which the ORGANIZER has participated and the content linked to these events.  The various packages and their content and prices are to be found in Appendix 1.

COOKIE: refers to a file stored in the memory of a USER'S device (smartphone, tablet etc.) allowing their identification when using EVENIUM SERVICES.

EVENIUM INCORPORATED: refers to Evenium Incorporated, a DELAWARE Corporation, subsidiary of EVENIUM. The principal office of Evenium, Incorporated, is located at 440 North Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA.

EVENT(S): may refer to, but is not limited to, all events, conferences, parties, forums, congresses, meetings, webinars, etc. organized by the ORGANIZER using the EVENIUM SERVICES and in which the PARTICIPANTS or third parties participate.

PERSONAL DATA: refers to all information regarding the USER (notably including but not limited to surname, first name, gender, age, profile picture, interests, networks, groups they belong to, list of friends etc.) which said user has supplied on EVENIUM SERVICES as well as on secondary sites (for example social networks) which EVENIUM can access, as well as the EVENTS in which the USER has participated or organized.  The password is not considered personal information, but confidential information.

GDPR: means the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

ORGANIZER(S): USER who decides to organize one or more EVENTS.

PARTICIPANT(S): USER participating in an EVENT organized by an ORGANIZER (other than themselves).

PROFILE: The USER must create a PROFILE to access EVENIUM SERVICES.  A username and, if needed, a password are linked to the USER'S PROFILE.  The record of their participation in EVENTS as well as their personal details , which can be altered by the USER at any time, are noted on this PROFILE.


USER(S): the term USER refers to any individual or body that has created a PROFILE in order to use EVENIUM SERVICES and who may be an ORGANIZER or a PARTICIPANT.

TCUS : Evenium’s Terms and Commercial Use of Service


1.1 What data does Evenium collect?

The PERSONAL DATA (i) provided by the USER when they create a PROFILE, using CONNEXME, (ii) when they participate in the event (iii) collected if they have accepted the aggregation service, (iv) the IP addresses and (v) the billing and account details provided by the ORGANIZER (hereafter referred to collectively as 'PERSONAL DATA') are directly collected by EVENIUM, who is responsible for how this data is used.

When creating an ACCOUNT, the USER is asked to provide a range of PERSONAL DATA: profile picture, gender, first name, last name, company position, email address, phone, mobile phone, billing address

When the account is created through social networks (LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter), EVENIUM can also access a range of basic information, notably concerning their account, their profile (name, profile picture, gender, networks, username), their networks, their interests, the groups they belong to, their list of friends and other information that the USER has provided or communicated on these secondary sites.

The USER is informed that EVENIUM can geolocate him/her for the needs of EVENIUM SERVICES. Some events may be organized according to geographic criteria.

1.2 How does Evenium collect the data?

The data is collected through an online registration form or through the ConnexMe app.

In the case of authentication through social networks, the data is collected via social networks APIs.

1.3 How will Evenium  use the data?

The PERSONAL DATA are for the exclusive use of EVENIUM, and is shared only as necessary to EVENIUM’s contracted partners, specifically to enable proper execution of the EVENIUM SERVICES, and limited to the service they provide.

EVENIUM treats and retains this PERSONAL DATA in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in France and has been the subject of a declaration by the CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés) (number 1508013). The PERSONAL DATA is stored on EVENIUM's servers or on those of its service providers.

The data is intended to enrich the USER's PROFILE, to personalize the EVENIUM SERVICES offered to them and to allow the PARTICIPANT to participate in events they want to and if necessary to receive invoices related to an EVENT.

The data also allows a USER's activity on EVENIUM to be monitored (participation in and/or organization of EVENTS). It also allows each USER to access their PROFILE, their invoices if they are an ORGANIZER and their entry tickets if they are a PARTICIPANT, to search through or consult the list of past EVENTS in which they have participated or to search for future EVENTS according to their areas of interest.  

The data also allows other USERS to contact them via EVENIUM (without their email address being given)  during EVENTS in which they are participating together.

EVENIUM will only be able to use this PERSONAL DATA (and notably the postal or email address) if related to the EVENIUM SERVICES. EVENIUM will never:

If the USER is the ORGANIZER, EVENIUM will be able to use this PERSONAL DATA to send the ORGANIZER information about EVENIUM SERVICES.

EVENIUM may be obliged to communicate this information at the request of a competent French judicial or administrative authority, or of a competent authority of the country in which this information is handled or stored.  

EVENIUM may also use the IP address to identify USERS who contravene the TCUS or who may damage EVENIUM. In these cases, EVENIUM may be obliged to transmit their connection details at the request of the competent authorities.

1.4 Sharing of Information with other users: Public or Private nature of the event

The USER is also informed that the information they put online, for example their name, and if required their company and job title (but not their email address) will be visible to other USERS or the public under the conditions above:

If the ORGANIZER has defined an EVENT as private, the PERSONAL DATA of the USER (except for their email address) and the CONTENT they put online will be shared with the other PARTICIPANTS in the same EVENT, including the ORGANIZERS, within the conditions specified by the TCUS and subject to the restrictions determined by the USER via their PROFILE.

When the ORGANIZER has defined the event as public the PERSONAL DATA of the USER (except for their email address) and the CONTENT they have published will be freely accessible to the public in accordance with the conditions laid out in the TCUS and subject to any restrictions determined by the USER via their PROFILE.

The PERSONAL DATA (except for their email address) and CONTENT will be visible throughout EVENTS, but also displayed on broadcast screens at the event, and that all PARTICIPANTS at the EVENT may freely consult the list of other PARTICIPANTS at the same EVENT and contact them (it is specified that each PARTICIPANT's email address will not be visible to the others).

1.5 Presence at an event

The presence information at an event, input in the Evenium database by the organizer or by the USER himself, is transferred to the ORGANIZER and to the other PARTICIPANTS.

1.6 What are the USER protection rights?

The USER can, if desired, alter or delete the PERSONAL DATA which has been collected via their PROFILE.

In accordance with modified Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, referred to as the French data protection and freedom of information law (“Loi informatique et liberté”) and to GDPR, the USER has, as regards all PERSONAL DATA concerning them collected by EVENIUM, a right of access, a right to rectification, a right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”), a right to restriction of processing, a right to data portability, a right to object, and a right to define post mortem directives. To exercise these rights, they can send an email to the address

In accordance with decree no. 2007-451 of the 25 March 2007, issued for the application of the French data protection and freedom of information law (“Loi informatique et liberté”), the USER's request must be presented in writing and must be signed and accompanied by a scanned copy of a piece of identification bearing the signature of the holder.  The request must specify the address to which the response should be sent.  EVENIUM will have two months to respond on receipt of the request.

1.7 Cookies

In order to offer its services, EVENIUM is likely to use COOKIES, including cookies to store the username’s USER, to keep the USER signed in, and the store the USER language.

The USER is informed that according to the French data protection and freedom of information law (“Loi informatique et liberté”) they may oppose this by configuring their computer or mobile device.  However, as COOKIES are essential for the service to function correctly, their deactivation could make access to the management interface of the site impossible.

For more information about cookies, the USER is invited to consult the CNIL's website at the following address: or to consult the 'help' section and documentation of their internet browser.


The ORGANIZER may, for reasons pertaining to the organization of the event only and at their sole responsibility, ask the PARTICIPANTS for further information, which they specify by setting up a specific collection form on which they define the fields.

The information practices of the ORGANIZER are governed by their privacy policies. We encourage the USER to review the ORGANIZER's privacy policy to understand their practices and procedures.

The ORGANIZER is the sole owner of the database constituted by the collection of the data collected through EVENIUM SERVICES and is solely responsible for how this data, necessary for the EVENT, is used.

The PARTICIPANT is informed that s/he should exercise his/her rights for this sort of information directly with the ORGANIZER.

EVENIUM shall, to the extent legally permitted, promptly notify the ORGANIZER if EVENIUM receives a request from a USER to exercise the USER's right of access, right to rectification, restriction of Processing, erasure (“right to be forgotten”), data portability, object to the Processing, or its right not to be subject to an automated individual decision making (“Data Subject Request”).

To exercise these rights, USERS can send an email to the address: Then EVENIUM will forward these requests as soon as they are received by email, to the ORGANIZER.


EVENIUM agrees to make every effort to protect PERSONAL DATA in order to, notably, prevent this data being distorted, damaged or communicated to non-authorized third parties.  EVENIUM agrees to inform the USER within 72 hours in case of violation of this data.

EVENIUM may hold and/or provide access for purposes of complying with proper legal requests, any deed, document or recording on any medium including established electronic media, either received or stored directly or indirectly by EVENIUM in a database.

For more information about where data is stored and about our security measures, please refer to our Data Processing Addendum:


The USER can ask for the deletion of their PERSONAL DATA by sending an email to the address:

Nevertheless, the USER is informed that if their PROFILE is deleted, the CONTENT they have published (notably posts, comments, likes etc.) or certain PERSONAL DATA concerning them will continue to be displayed.  The USER can nevertheless ask for them to be deleted by sending an email containing all necessary references (identity, web address etc.)  to the following address:


If you have any questions about EVENIUM’s privacy policy, the data we hold on you, or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact us on:


EVENIUM keeps its privacy policy under regular review and places any updates on this web page.