A Basic Introduction to Evenium ConnexMe application!

Evenium brings to life a new, revolutionnary way to interact with content and people during an event!

Having any troubles with the application? Send us an e-mail - We'd love to help support-mobile@evenium.com

Getting Started

How it works

For the event organizor:
  • They create an event on the Evenium platform.
  • Each speaker installs the Evenium desktop application on their computer.
  • During the presentation, the slides are captured by the desktop application and sent to the Evenium server.
  • These screenshots are then transfered in real time to Evenium ConnexMe.
For the guest :
  • - The guest is invited to an event created with the Evenium platform and asked to download Evenium ConnexMe.
  • - The guest receives a confirmation e-mail with a username and password and a link that opens the application directly on the smartphone (Note: by clicking on that link you are automatically logged in to the application).
  • - After logging in, the guest can interact, comment or ask the speaker questions. He can also like others' comments and share the content with their networks.
  • - Each guests' comments and questions are sent to the Evenium server and will then appear on the speaker's screen.

Menu description

event guest list The guest list
  • - Identify easily guests you have mutual friends with
  • - The guest list of the event is displayed alphabetically.
  • - Search for a specific guest in the search bar.
  • - Filter the attendees by name or by company.
  • - Consult a guest's profile just by clicking on the attendee's name.
  • - Check out their social network profiles.
  • - Send private messages to other guests.
  • - Visualize the guest list with the "Sneekflow" mode. Browse a "library" of attendees' pictures from top to bottom and from left to right.
interact live with comments Live Feed
  • - Here, you will be asked to select the session you will attend (Note: select the room in which the presentation will take place).
  • - This menu displays in real time the slide the speaker is commenting on.
  • - The attendees can comment on the slide and on the presentation itself or ask the speaker questions, by clicking on the speech bubble.
  • - You can also comment on attendees' comments or questions and even like them.
  • - The Twitter stream with the #hashtag of the event appears on the live feed (there’s no need to switch from evenium ConnexMe to your twitter application anymore.)
  • - Push the "Great moment" icon to indicate you think that moment is interesting.
  • - Consult what are "The Tops" (best comments and slides) and filter the comments.
latest news from the organizer The News
  • - This menu displays all the latest news given by the organiser to the guests.
event description and website Infos
  • - Here you will find the description of the event and a link to the event website.
  • - Consult the program of the event.
  • - View the sponsors and partners.
your profile, what you expect from the event My profile
  • - View and edit the information other guests will see about you.
  • - Connect to your social network accounts.
  • - Update your status and tell others what you expect from that event.

Frequently Asked Questions


I can't log in to the application, I don't have an account. How can I use the application?
For the moment, in order to use the application you have to be registered to an event using Evenium platforms.
If so, the organiser sends you an e-mail with your account details to log in to the application (your e-mail and a password).
Without this information, you are not able to connect to your event.

In the future, we plan to develop more functionnalities and you will no longer need to be registered to an event to use ConnexMe.
We will offer you a greater live event experience! So keep your eyes peeled for new features!
When I log in to the application, I see my past events but not the on-going ones, what should I do?
Make sure you are connected to your event with the correct connection information.

These are:
  • - your e-mail address (the one you provided for your registration)
  • - the password that has been sent to you by e-mail.

Warning! Your events are linked to your e-mail address. You may be unable to see your event in the application, because you registered to the on-going event with a different address from the one you used for your past events.
I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you do not remember your password, enter your e-mail in the login section (the one you registered to the event with), click on "email me a direct access" and follow the instructions that have been sent to you by e-mail. You should receive an e-mail with two links. If you open the e-mail from the mail box of your phone, simply click on the first link and it will open Evenium ConnexMe directly on your phone. If you open it from your computer, it will ask you to choose a new password.

Guests List

I don't see the guest list, what can I do?
Click on another menu and go back to the Guest List. The guest list should then appear.
What are the blue bullets that appear on the corner of the guest photo?
They refer to the number of contacts you have in common with that guest in your network... This is a great way of starting a conversation and creating connections with new people.
The social media icons on the guest list are always disabled, is it normal?
Those icons are only meant to indicate that those guests have connected their profile to their social networks.
You can consult their social media accounts right from their ConnexMe guest profile.
Can I send a guest a private message?
Yes you can. Select the guest you wish to contact and simply click on the "send a message" button. Check your conversations anytime by clicking on the envelope button at the top right corner of the black bar.

Live Feed

The session has started but I don't see the good slides on the application.
This may be because you are not connected to the right session or because the speaker has forgotten to start recording the slides.
Make sure you are logged on to the right session before yelling at the speaker to turn on the recording of the slides! ;-)
How can I change the session?
You simply have to click on the button with two arrows on it, at the top left corner.
You will be offered to choose your session from a list. Click on your desired session and start interacting!
Can I comment or like someone else comments?
Of course you can! this is an important feature into the application.
Select the comment you want to react to and click on the "send" button (purple icon) or "like" button (green icon).
You can ask a question, send a comment and also add a photo to your contribution.
Can I see the slide in a bigger size?
Yes you can. Simply click on the slide thumbnail to view a larger size.
You will also be able to navigate through the slides and to comment, like or share from that page.
Can I share the content with my networks?
All your comments and the slides can be shared with your networks. To share a comment or a slide, click on it, and then click on the comment button (bubble icon), add a comment to your post and select the networks you want to publish it on.
Can I retweet the tweets that appear in the stream? Or interact with them?
Not for the moment.
When I click the "Great moment" button, this message appears : "this moment has been saved in your personal summary". Where can I find my "personal summary"?
You will soon have access to your personal summary.
This feature is still being developed by our team to offer our users the best experience.
Why is my comment not displayed on the speaker's screen?
By default, all the comments are displayed live on the speaker’s screen. But, you can disable that function when making a comment under the comment box. It might also happen when too many people are commenting at the same time. The server is overloaded and only displays the last ones. Nevertheless, your comments are registered and appear live into the “Live Feed” menu.
Can I "like" and/or comment my own comments ?
You can comment on your own comments but you can't "like" them.
What can I do when the message "No network access" appears?
Make sure your phone is connected to a cellular network or a wifi.
If the problem persists, quit the application and relaunch it.
What happens if I comment or like an old comment?
The comment returns to the top of the pile.
How can I erase my comments?
This feature is not available at the moment, but our developers are working on it.